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The Daily (Meat) Grind

Lunch Ladies Animated.png

Lunch Ladies

Fraternal twin sisters, Seretta and LouAnne are obsessed with Johnny Schwepp and burnt out from two decades working as Lunch Ladies at the biggest shithole on the planet - Melvin High. Not a day goes by where they’re not bullied, harassed, and humiliated by students and faculty alike.


Enough is enough. They're not taking anymore crap.

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See the Live Action Short it's based on HERE.

It's Hard To Gold Dig When You Can't Shovel For Shit

Gold Diggers Poster.png

Gold Diggers

On a quest to live the glamorous life, three Gold Diggers scam, cheat, lie, con, manipulate, unite, backstab and claw their way through Los Angeles high society in the hopes of entrapping rich suckers. Always one step away from success, frustrations mount, testing their shallow friendships as they fight for the right to gold dig and do their best to outwit matchmaker to the wealthy, and owner of Distinguished Partners - Mikki Van Bitchenhag - a richer than Rockefeller socialite who excels in blowing their dreams into smithereens.

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Animated Kid's Show

Inbetweens Poster.png


A precocious, ten-year-old Francesca Luna wants to be an entomologist... and a stand-up comic. One day, she discovers her pet lice have transformed into humanlike friends after a freak accident involving a moonrock and marinara sauce. Together, they must face tween fears and rescue fellow Licevilians and other bugs in peril while evading The Lice Lady who wants to collect them and put them to work in her YouTube Lice Circus.

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Teen Adventure Series


Justin Cody's

Race To Survival!

A smartphone addicted thirteen-year-old is stranded alone in the wilderness after his outdoor expert grandpa is kidnapped! With no guide, no skills, and mysterious strangers hot on his tail, he struggles to navigate the wild, racing to meet a rescue helicopter… and hopefully his grandpa.

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