Three Gold Diggers Search For Their Sucker

Gold Diggers

On a quest to live the glamorous life, three Gold Diggers scam, cheat, lie, con, manipulate, unite, backstab and claw their way through Los Angeles high society in the hopes of entrapping rich suckers. Always one step away from success, frustrations mount, testing their shallow friendships as they fight for the right to gold dig and do their best to outwit matchmaker to the wealthy, and owner of Distinguished Partners - Mikki Van Bitchenhag - a richer than Rockefeller socialite who excels in blowing their dreams into smithereens.


The Daily (Meat) Grind

Lunch Ladies

Fraternal twin sisters, Seretta and LouAnne are obsessed with Johnny Depp and burnt out from two decades working as Lunch Ladies at the biggest shithole on the planet - Melvin High. Not a day goes by where they’re not bullied, harassed, and humiliated by students and faculty alike.


Enough is enough. They're not taking anymore crap.

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Teen Adventure Series

Justin Cody's

Race To Survival!

Thirteen-year-old Justin Cody is failing two classes and is addicted to texting and video games. Forced to take a wilderness canoe trip in Canada with his Grandpa Henry, Justin is thrust into a race for survival when the two discover a stolen, top-secret military drone that has crashed. When mysterious men come to retrieve it, Grandpa Henry is kidnapped. Justin, now alone - who knows nothing about canoeing and camping - must find his way to a distant lake in the hopes of rescue.