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A Coming-Of-Age Road Trip Story

Stella, a naive, wide-eyed, budding romance writer, Georgia, her hellfire mentor, and a sexy driver, Quincy, make an unforgettable, emotion filled, heart-wrenching trip cross-country by Cadillac from Sellersburg, Indiana to Las Vegas, Nevada.  There they plan to attend The 30th Annual Romance Writer’s Convention of America in the hopes of selling her novel, “VOYAGE TO EXQUISITE PASSION.”


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It's About Time Women Come First

A goody two-shoes and her raunchy pal vacation to Europe to get laid, but a good man is hard to find – especially when you’re on the run from a cuckoo stalker who insists she’s your bestie.


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The Only Way Out Is In

A burnt out SFX artist with mother issues who worships Dee Wallace and brags he's not afraid of anything must fight to escape the Haunted House he works at after the creatures he's made with his own two hands turn against him, demand to make him one of them, and refuse to let him leave.

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If I Start Crying I'll Never Stop

A millennial goth who doesn’t believe in a “bullshit afterlife” and is unable to cry after her boyfriend dies, makes it her mission to debunk a Victorian perfume vial claiming to house the tears of a dead woman.  She becomes addicted to its seductive scent which consumes, controls, and pushes her into a supernatural portal that opens the floodgates of her relentless grief.


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A Mother's Worst Nightmare

2 a.m. in the middle of the Arizona desert, a woman on the run pulls into an abandoned rest stop where her little girl disappears and a mother’s worst nightmare begins.


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"Have some fucking respect for the dead, asshole"

Payback is a bitch for the three super-hot stars of ghost hunting reality show "The Cross The Crystal, The Camera." Used to duping their audience with fake supernatural encounters, they get what they deserve when they film their season finale at a real haunted mansion where evil lives and nightmares come true.

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Comedy Horror

WWJD? What Would Johnny Do?

Two burnt out high school Lunch Ladies do whatever it bloody takes on their quest to become Johnny Depp's personal chefs.


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Just Don't Say No

When her dream date turns her down for the high school Sadie Hawkins dance, a boy-crazy new girl in town hatches a plan of revenge on all the boys, but crazy may run in the family as her Aunt, the school Principal, has a vengeful plan of her own.

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Be careful what you wish for, there's always a catch

A twelve-year-old dreamer finds an enchanted obsidian mirror and is lured to a magical world by a decrepit Nobody with the promise of a potion that can undo her parents impending divorce.